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    I appreciate your taking the time to answer this for me Jeremy. It's something that comes up periodically and we're never 100% sure. I did find out that the FI who rejected that check is a member of ECCHO's exchange and the Breach of Warranty stamp they're requesting may have something to do with that. ...

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    Thanks for that clarification.  Since it is a breach due to forgery you would follow the clearing house requirements here. In regards to the "stamp", the rules just state that the paying institution needs to deliver 1) the electronic image, 2) a paper copy of the front and back of the electronic image, ...

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    Hello! What are you policies on closing an account when there is a joint member? Do you require both to sign, just the main application or can the joint member also close it?  Our membership agreement says that we reserve the right to require both signatures.  Thanks! Just curious how others handle this. ...

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