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    We use Image Printing out of Utah.  Our members have their statements within 3 days of mailing date.  Not sure how they get them out so fast, but our members have been very pleased.  They are very 'customer-centric' and one of our favorite vendors! :) - jane ------------------------------ Jane Yankovich ...

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    Not yet...ours is set for September. Check out CU Ballot ( https://www.cuballot.com/ ) out of Columbus area for a platform to run the meeting virtually, as well as running an election. They've helped several credit unions so far this year. Reasonably priced also.  Do a dry run rehearsal ahead of time...and ...

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    I received the following email from Bridgestone's Director of sales, Dino Tianello. We are going to look into migrating our statements to the new entity as well as exploring other options. "On Wednesday, June 10th, I was informed that Bridgestone Print would be closing its doors on ...

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