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    ​We had the same issue with Brinks and also left them approximately 2 years ago.  We have signed a contract with Titan Armored, a new company that also specializes in ATM servicing.  We will transition to them in February. Barb Watson AVP Corporate Services Universal 1 Credit Union ------------------------------ ...

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    I was just looking over an invoice today and thought the same thing. We switched to Dunbar a few years ago because of a problem with Brinks. I would like to know too if anyone can recommend another armored service. ------------------------------ Becky Ryan-Monschein Teller Manager/BSA Administrator ...

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    I would be interested as well. We went to Dunbar 4 years ago due to constant billing errors and now that Dunbar is back to Brinks we are also experiencing billing errors. We have been billed at a small branch for stops that were not made. We continue to be charged tax for even though I have sent our ...

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