Regulatory Compliance Update Conference June 11, 2024

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    Good afternoon, I was curious as to what you all send to your new members who join via indirect lending. We are used to just send a welcome letter and brochure, but have recently began to send our rate sheet and schedule of fees as well. Do any of you have them come in and sign a sig card or just accept ...

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    We have encountered similar issues, Mary Jo. Like Kathy, we also have business cards with QR codes or contact info that we give out to HR members and managers to hand out to people they meet in public who deliver great customer service. We look more for strong customer service skills and cash ...

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    We've gone back and forth on these types of title changes and decided to keep them the same. From a recruiting perspective, we thought it made more sense for them to remain what industry standard titles are. That way qualified applicants will discover those openings easier when we post them. ------------------------------ ...

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